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OOC Information;

Name: Rea
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IC Information;

Character Name: Bonnibel Bellamy; known to friends as "Bubblegum".
Genderswap? No.
Character Series: Adventure Time.
Character Age: Eighteen.

Campus Position: Student; her parents pay for her tuition.
Canon Background: @ Adventure Time wiki.

AU Background:
Bonnibel was born into a moderately well-off family, her father a manager of a candy store that is part of a well-known chain, and her mother teaching science in elementary school. Her parents were kind and caring, although not completely sugar sweet; growing up, Bonnibel was considered as her parents' "princess", and from a young age grew up to be particularly grateful for her parents. She developed a love for science after hearing her mother talk so much about current events and her teaching plans for any given day at school. She received a science kit for Christmas when she was eight, and from then on she grew attached to the sciences, idolizing her mother for her knowledge and love for the subject.

Middle school was particularly a rough time for her; rather sheltered, she went to a school where her peers teased others for the smallst of details and for Bonnibel, who was an honor student (a dedicated member of the student council and one year, even elected as president) and was a bit of a trickster, she was picked on. They told her that she was trying to be fake, trying to impress everyone by being the person people would like -- certain kids would enjoy being with her because she was smart and had good grades, others would stick around because she pulled tricks on her teachers and some students. Distressed about their comments, she sought the help of her parents and eventually grew from that experience; she learned to develop mentally, maturing well past her age once she started the next school year, and put behind her childish antics. Bonnibel's focus was school work from now on.

The summer before high school, her mother introduced her to the idea of a private education; she showed Bonnibel a pamphlet of the school she herself went to. Not thinking twice about the decision, she insisted her parents allow her to enroll there -- they were even willing to pay for her tuition. Bonnibel resisted their generosity for some time, applying for scholarships, before she eventually caved in and let her parents pay for her stay there.

She didn't regret the choice at all, however. She was to be educated at the school her mother went to, so it wouldn't be too bad, would it?

In canon, Bonnibel is the beloved ruler of the Candy Kingdom in Ooo, a princess who loves and protects her people to the best of her ability. Being a Princess, she is responsible for the lives in her Kingdom and as such she takes her role very seriously; she is a dilligent worker and takes in consideration of all the consequences of her choices before making a decision for the good of her people. This is easily reflected in AU Bonnibel, as having been through the leadership position in middle school has taught her responsibility for her actions, decision-making skills and just in general, relatively life-long values that she would take with her down the road.

Her love for knowledge thrives in both personas, where in canon she comes up with experiments whenever she can get time on her hands (when she was younger she ended up creating Lemongarb, the heir to her throne should she not be able to rule any longer, only to see it gone wrong -- he is an example of one of her scientific failures) and has an interest in simple alchemy; while magic is prominent in the Land of Ooo, she herself cannot perform such difficult tasks, and thus all she can do is simple transfigurations. AU Bonnibel specifically enjoys learning more about chemistry and physics, planning to major in science education like her mother. If she happens to hear word of anything remotely related to science in a conversation, she speaks up and ramble about the sciences until someone stops her. In addition, she has a love for the German language and would like to teach German while managing and focusing on science.

While she is generally very kind and caring in both universes, she also has a more harsh personality when provoked; in canon, Bonnibel easily allows herself to badmouth the Duke of Nuts when she believes he has ruined her appearance, and AU Bonnibel has the tendency to be brutally honest when she is upset. While AU Bonnibel is not as malicious as her canon self, this still holds true for both personas when she is described. AU Bonnibel will feel regret for what she says, and will eventually apologize once she's calmed down. She stresses over many things and when stressed, she can be a bit of a short circuit, but offering her the time to vent or even giving her sweets will usually cheer her up.

Canon Bonnibel shows less restraint as a princess when she is not formally assuming the role; when she is with her friends, she is more relaxed and reverts back to her innocent, childish self and finds herself enjoying herself immensely; the same can be said about her AU self. When around her circle of friends, she laughs more easily and is able to let go of her worries for a bit.

RP Sample:

Walking home one day, you find a paper sack on the side of the road. You discover it to contain a large sum of money, all in unmarked bills. What do you do?
The only thing to do, and the right thing to do, is to find report the findings to the police; they'll take care of the money. I would certainly be suspicious of just finding money lying around, why are people so irresponsible sometimes? I hope they realize that there are many people who need it, and would never think twice about tossing it aside like this.

You are given $100 by your parents and told to use it to make a profit. What do you do?
As this has happened far too many times to me already, I would accept it with little restraint; I'm very grateful for them and I've learned from previous encounters that they will not rest until I take it. I would use it on buying more science equipment as well as German study books.

You are granted the power to change one thing about the world. What do you change?
Science, of course! While science is always changing by itself, even now as I speak, if there was a way I could present a discovery of my own to the world and make a difference, I would. The power would be used indirectly by funding my research to make the world a better place.


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